My Beginner class are for those taking their first steps in to yoga, teaching you how to build strong foundations and understanding for a safe, long and beautiful yoga practice.

Learn postures to help open, strengthen and lengthen your body.

Learn breathing techniques to help aid relaxation and reduce anxiety,

Create space in your body and your mind with my classes.

​Suitable for every single body. 

My style of teaching is based on Hatha Yoga - intelligently sequenced classes to help you have a full and beautiful experience.

Join me on Mondays at Bilton Infant's School at 6.30pm 

beginners & beyond classes

Beginners and Beyond classes are open level welcoming all abilities from beginners to beyond!

The focus of the class is to help build strong foundations to help you safely build length and strength in the body, in turn creating space in your body and mind.

Expect to weave your way through a deliciously sequenced class, designed to leave you feeling stronger, softer and a little taller and lighter in mind.

Join me on Tuesday nights at Bilton Infant's School at 6.30pm and Friday mornings at Long Lawford Memorial Hall at 9.30am.


Yoga Flow classes are for those with some prior yoga experience. 


Join me for a more energising, faster paced class to welcome some heat and build strength whilst deepening flexibility, combining movement and breath for the ultimate mind-body practice. This class is perfect if you want to feel strong, flexible and balanced. 

Expect fewer verbal queues and less demonstration.  Enjoy a lovely flowing sequence which will embrace strength as well as softness.


Monday AND Tuesday nights, Bilton Infant School at 8pm


Pregnancy Yoga is suitable from 14 weeks of pregnancy.  For more information on these classes please click here.


Wednesdays at 7.30pm via Zoom

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