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"Claire was my first yoga instructor and after just one session in her class I was totally in love with yoga!

She is friendly, joyful and very knowledgeable about yoga. I really appreciated that she ensures that you are doing any given stretch or position at the right level for *your* body, so that you can feel comfortable in her class whether you are a complete beginner or whether you have done yoga for many years.

As well as building strength and flexibility, her classes focus on inner balance, calm, and relaxation, and so they are perfect for a weekly de-stress! 

I always leave her yoga classes with a huge smile on my face, feeling utterly at peace with the world.I can’t recommend her as a yoga teacher highly enough!"

Let me introduce myself...

Quite simply I LOVE yoga!  I have personally practiced yoga for over 20 years and yoga has always factored in my life as my beautiful mum is a true yogini (and she can often be found at my classes!).  Yoga has given me a tool to manage my moods, increase my flexibility and given me some nice muscles too!  I swear i have actually grown taller through my yoga practice, by building strength and improving my posture.


That is what inspired me to spend 15 months training to be a yoga teacher at the very wonderful Whitespace Yoga & Wellbeing Studio in Milton Keynes and why I am so thrilled and grateful to now call myself a fully registered 200 hour yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.  I am qualified, confident and able to share my passion of yoga with you and help bring yoga and its huge amount of benefits into your life.

I have since also completed additional training in teaching Pregnacy Yoga, Vinyasa, Meditaion & Mantra, Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga - all courses are recognised and fully accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals.

I am here to keep you safe as I share my knowledge and experience; teaching you techniques to build firm foundations, helping to deepen your practice and move you in a way that is right for you and your body, finding your strength and helping to improve and manage your energy levels.

I offer classes suited to all levels, from the absolute beginner to those who have many years of practice.  There is no competition in yoga – the practice I teach embraces each pupil's uniqueness.  People are always a little nervous when first coming to a class but please rest assured that it is such a lovely thing to practice and I am here to guide you and share this wonder with you.  If you are unsure of how yoga benefits you, take a look here for more details.

My style of yoga (let's face it, there are so many choices available now that it can be quite overwhelming to know where to start!) is Hatha Yoga.  Hatha means balance so my focus is on building strength and length and flexibility, bringing focus into the body and the breath and then finally observing the effect this can bring to the mind.  My classes are carefully sequenced, moving intelligently from posture to posture which creates a lovely flow.  For me, I don't enjoy classes where I move from seated to standing, to kneeling, to lying down, to standing and so on...! I carefully plan my classes to achieve that feeling of seamless transitions, which is suitable for all levels and really enjoyable.


I ensure my class sizes are of a size that allows me to help you individually on your journey, no matter how far down the line you are, keeping you safe and working in a way that is just right for you. 

I LOVE yoga.  I live, eat, breathe, sleep yoga!


I can't wait to share this journey with you.


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