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Yoga is perfect for every body

(you don’t need to be able to touch your toes in order to start classes!)


Does your body feel tight and tense?

Bad back?

Bad knees?

Does your mind feel fit to burst at times because you never seem to have time to stop?

Do you struggle to sleep well?

Do you want to improve your overall mood?

Do you want to become more  flexible?

Do you want to build strength and understand more about you body?

Do you want to improve your digestion?

Do you need an hour that is just for you to help you to reconnect and unwind?

The benefits of yoga are immense and endless!


Yoga helps to increase strength and flexibility in your body. As strength and flexibility increases, posture improves, breathing improves, sleeping improves... life improves! 


You do not need to be flexible in order to start yoga,  I think that the biggest myth of the modern world is that you can't do yoga if you can't touch your toes!  Flexibility increases the more you practice and we all have to start somewhere.  Yoga is a practice.

As well as the physical benefits, yoga has a really positive impact on your mental and emotional health.  As you connect to your breath, you may begin to notice a calming effect as the calls of the outside world begin to quieten and become less important, if even for a short while. Your mood may begin to improve and you may notice that life becomes a bit more friendly!

Yoga truly is amazing.

I love to see the transformation that can happen just within an hour's class.  People seem to leave the class standing a little taller with softened edges!  It really is lovely to witness.

If you have any uncertainties or general questions please contact me.  I would love to hear from you.

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